V MALOUF STUDIO | Design Strategist & Experience Specialist


Fall 2015, Arizona State University.

I began the semester with a blank slate. I knew that I was interested in lighting design, but I also wanted to create a solution that responded to different lighting needs over the course of the day. I was inspired by Hervé Descottes's work on the Frederic Malle boutique in New York. In that boutique, the lighting marks the passage of the day, transforming to create an appropriate mood. This approach contrasted with our current 24/7 lifestyle, in which any task or any request is possible almost any time of the day. It struck me that we all could benefit from lighting that gently reminded us of the natural rhythm of our day. It was with these ideas in mind that I drew up a basic conceptual framework for the project.

In addition to a survey with more general questions, I conducted three in-depth interviews with experts in their field. I sought to educate myself as well as I could in the limited time on the issues related to in-home lighting.