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I just can't with you, Demna


Demna, you know I love you. You make me feel young. I've shelled out for your kit before. But it's gotten out of hand. You just keep getting better. And I can't keep up. 

Do I need these sneakers (the Triple S, pictured above)? Absolutely not. Do I long for them like Heathcliff longs for Cathy? Ya. Yas. Yasqueen. 

But I can't. I could but I can't. I should but I shorn't. The great Marni acquisition of 2017 (my heart will go on, Consuelo), has made me rethink my clothing investments, hopefully for the better.  I'm on a mission to buy less, but make it count. Marni is the opposite of Demna's Balenciaga, let alone Vetements. Marni clothes look unassuming on Instagram, but once you put them on, you fall in love. They are designed for delight. Every time I put on my oxblood creepers I get a spring in my step, literally and figuratively (they are bewilderingly comfortable). Marni's founder Consuelo Castiglioni somehow found a way to impart joy into an industrial product. Her clothes feel a little more special every time you put them on. If fast fashion is on one end of a spectrum, Marni is on the extreme opposite end. 

So Demna, while I lust for your batty trainers and your slouchy suits, I am cutting myself off. You may be one of the best in the game, but it just isn't true love. As Neko Case said, I'm holding out for that teenage feeling.