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Demna does it again

I want these boots. I want them real bad. When I think about buying them, I think about stomping around the city at night wearing a black cowboy hat. I think about the sounds my shoes will make on a dancefloor.

I remember reading a piece about Veronique Branquinho saying that good design is about proportion and good proportion is a matter of millimeters. Some people might justify shelling out the big bucks for clothes made with that kind of attention to detail, but most of us don't care.

Crucially, both Balenciaga and Vetements (maker of the above boot) are about more than good looking clothes. Gvasalia rightly judges that form has its limits. Instead he focuses on the experience of wearing clothes. He and his team don't fuss about the middling bits only visible to detail-oriented nerds and critics. Gvasalia sends the message loud and clear. These are clothes for everyone. 

The price tag, of course, counters that argument somewhat. But thankfully is not necessary to wear Vetements or Balenciaga in order to dress like you do. Gvasalia is putting forth--or at the very least codifying--a new way to dress. And you can participate whether or not you shop at Barneys or at a thrift store.

Vincent Malouf