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Old Movies with Old Friends

Carol Reed's The Third Man may be my favorite movie. (Although I recently realized that I've watched Hellboy at least twice as many times, so that must count for something.) I watched it with my bestie recently, who'd never seen it. He's got good taste, so that made the experience even better. I don't think I realized quite how funny it is before--I've only ever watched it alone.

It made me want to watch more movies with other people, something which I often avoid because I resist talking about movies right after I watch them. Comedies are certainly better with friends. So, too, are horror movies. When I saw Moonlight I'm glad I took a friend with similar sensibilities. (I needed someone to join me in that lifeboat.) Perhaps what I'm describing is the joy of revisiting a movie with someone experiencing it for the first time. It is like introducing a loved one to a new friend.