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Every year that goes by...

...doesn't it just seem like Missy Elliott gets even more special?

This new joint may not be strictly top-shelf Missy, but I'll be damned if it isn't several breaths of fresh air.

It wasn't until I heard the Blood Orange track "By Ourselves" that Missy's legacy really began to crystallize for me. In my 2016, it felt like race and gender were near the surface of every conversation. Lots of artists addressed these issues head on. But "By Ourselves" made me realize the potency of Missy's feminist, body-positive agenda. Like Prince, it was nearly always couched in dancefloor bangers, but unlike the Purple One, she has a light touch. Listening to Missy is like eating the best meal of your life and then finding out it was good for you.

Vincent Malouf