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Shoe shopping

My grandfather has needed shoes for a while now. Years probably. Unsurprisingly, if you know my grandfather, it was a real Goldilocks situation. He wanted something clean and white, but also something breathable and light that he could slip on. He also has a particularly nasty ankle injury (which he won't have fixed, don't ask...), making this process practically impossible.

I know what he wants. He wants a pair of Stan Smiths. His body may be failing him now, but well into his 50s he was a true athlete. My mother will often remark, "he could have done anything..." A classic tennis shoe ("tennies" as my mom calls 'em) is what I wish for him, an emblem of his past and his excellent taste. 

Adidas is lately fond of touting its "Primeknit" technology, in which the shoe upper is "knit" in a single form. It may still look a little crude, but the technologist in my grandfather loves it. Luckily, they do a Stan Smith with a knit upper. I ordered him two pairs. I threw in a pair of Ultraboosts just for good measure. I'll let you know how it goes.

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