V MALOUF STUDIO | Design Strategist & Experience Specialist


...Vince’s work is different than anything I’m seeing elsewhere. He has been able to build a uniquely specific design language and style for us that feels at once both classic and intrepid... As far as a strategic vision for design goes, I haven’t seen anything remotely resembling what we have.

In addition to his unique grasp of our brand, Vince is clever, intuitive, easy to work with and has a strong talent for dealing with ambiguity, a trait we share and one that greatly eases our ability to produce quality results quickly.
— Evan E. Roberts, Digital Marketing Manager, Gannett

I've been all over: growing up in Wyoming, braving the Chicago winter in the name of theatre, and finding my adopted home in Texas. I've met some fantastic people and tackled some healthy challenges.

Though I'm focusing on design strategy these days, my interests are as broad and unruly as Prince's 90s catalogue (RIP, Purple One). I've tried my hand at acting, painting, sculpture, poetry, and a Rage Against the Machine cover band. (I still occasionally consider running away to France to become a perfumer.) At the end of the day, what I really care about are ideas and people. And because I am not just a creative person but must be a creative person, I am most at home collaborating and solving problems. Truly, I want to do it for the rest of my life.

When I'm not in the studio you can find me reading or swimming or geeking out about a great new perfume (check out SMELL DORADO for more). I love theatre, but movies will do in a pinch. And although I don't perform anymore, music is still my constant companion. I'm on a quest for frisson in all shapes and sizes. But mostly, it finds me.


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